The pets dreams are made of.

Love: The FetaPets Experience

Welcome to FetaWorld!

Everyone knows that the smaller the pet, the cuter the pet. That's why our product, the FetaPet, is small and cute.

You will love your new FetaPet.

With FetaPets unique liquid-suspension technology we guarantee that your FetaPet will remain as alive as you received it until the day that you die, guaranteed.

Why Other Pets Smell Bad

Some pets smell bad. A common trait of non-FetaPets is defecation. FetaPets never defecate. They only give you love. Lots of love.

You don't have to walk FetaPets. Some pets require constant attention. But for FetaPets, no attention is required. FetaPets continue to give you love no matter what you do.

If you think that you have received enough love for the day you can put your FetaPet in a drawer or bury it in your backyard.

FetaPets don't mind!

Your FetaPet will be so cute.

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