Some pets drool. FetaPets rule.

The FetaPets Gallery

Original FetaPup from above. The colorful lid is a perfect top for every FetaPup.

Party FetaPup was at the disco last night shaking that ass. When the other pets saw what FetaPup could do they left the dance floor ashamed to be called "pets."

Welcome to the laboratory.
The research and development team works long hours to ensure the best technology for your FetaPet. Early in the research phase a fire erupted when a team member was running current through a Mount Olive baby dill pickle. Party FetaPup tried to extinguish the flames by pouring his juices. It's too bad his juices are alcohol. RIP: Party FetaPup.

Come play in the outdoors with FetaPup!

If a millipede gets into the jar with your FetaPup your pet better watch out. This millipede is named "Mr. Sparkles" and loves to be loved and give love.

Your FetaPet may enjoy the worship of the Lord. If so, take your pet to Sunday bible class. When Noah finished building his ark he boarded two of every animal. Two zebras, two millipedes, and two FetaPets.

When Polar FetaPup is tuckered out he likes to relax with his good friend Party FetaPup. FetaPets love each other very much.

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