The castration-free pet.

Friends of FetaPets The perfect place to purchase FetaPets accessories. Home Sock Puppet: Hello, I work for a sad company which is out of business. FetaPup, do you have a job for me? I like stuffing things.
FetaPup: .... People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Animals have rights too. Join PETA and tell them that you are going to buy a FetaPet and you are going to love your FetaPet very much. What you do with your FetaPet is your own business. FetaPets don't require any food but they like treats. "Doncha wanna little treat, FetaPup? Yeaahh, you wanna little treat." A distant cousin to the FetaPets are pickles. If your FetaPet looks lonely, consider introducing your pet to a Baby Dill. Their friendship will be legendary. Caution: Do not eat FetaPets. Hamsters and FetaPets love to dance. Keep an eye out for FetaDance, coming soon.

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