Small enough to fit on a shelf, enough love to fill the whole room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. FetaPets are amazing! This is the best idea I've ever heard. It seems too good to be true. Is this site for real?

A. You are not dreaming. You are only seconds away from ordering your first FetaPet. You will know it is real when you feel the constant, never ending love from a FetaPet.

Q. Isn't what you're doing unethical?

A. There is nothing unethical about love.

Q. Is it true that I could get eight FetaPups for free if I killed my pregnant dog?

A. No, that is absolutely untrue.

Q. What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a pile of marbles?

A. You can't load the marbles into a dump truck using a pitch-fork.

Q. How many FetaPets have been sold?

A. If you measured the number of FetaPets sold in love, the love would stretch from the earth to the moon and back 57 times.

Q. I've heard so much about FetaPets. All of my friends have them. How do I get mine?

A. Order your FetaPet by clicking on the links below.

Q. FetaPets are disgusting! They look like dead animals in jars. Don't you think they're gross?

A. Listen. You don't have to tell me they're gross. I have to touch the things.

Q. People must really love FetaPets. What sort of fan mail have you received?

A. Here is a compilation of all our loving fan mail and one unloving message from PayPal.

Q. Isn't it wrong of PayPal to shut down your payment service simply because of a few e-mails from unloving people?

A. Yes. And those people are exactly the ones who would benefit the most from receiving the love from a FetaPet.

Q. Why do they call it PayPal when they don't let you pay and they're not your pal?

A. The domain name CockSucker was already taken.

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